Tel Aviv

The Israeli-Russian Business Council is a non-political, non-commercial organization founded to establish direct business contacts and favourable conditions for cooperation between organizations and companies in Israel and the Russian Federation.

This goal is achieved by creating awareness in companies and organizations of potential areas of collaboration, involving Israeli and Russian companies in joint projects in both countries and other countries in health care, investment, educational, agricultural, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, financial, ecological and energy fields.

Primary areas of activity of the IRBC:

targeted market research, evaluation of goods and services markets;

consulting on planning and business operations in Israel and Russia;

expert evaluation of the competitive environment and searching and selecting partners for joint businesses in both Russia and Israel;

business-related legal assistance and help in resolving legal issues;


organizing meetings, conferences, appointments, business forums and round tables in Israel and Russia;

assistance in meeting foreign business representatives and delegations, organizing and assisting with negotiations and business meetings;

arranging direct contacts between Russian and Israeli business entities;

information analysis;

business education;

Publicizing information on company products (websites, newsletters);

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