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Dear colleagues, partners, friends

Теймураз Юрьевич Хихинашвили (Бен-Йегуда)

I was born in Georgia, but since age 16 I live in Moscow. Israel is my historic motherland. My life is focussed in Russia and most of my business activity is there. Thanks to wide range of friends and partners, I know well mentality and mode of action of entrepreneurs in Israel and in Russia. This knowledge helps me to achieve successfully the goals of the Israeli-Russian Business Council. The main targets of the business council is to develop and facilitate business ties and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Israeli and the Russian businessmen, promoting the Israeli companies into the Russian market and bringing Russian investments into Israel. These goals are reached by providing information to the business communities about the attractive opportunities in various sectors and bringing companies to participate in joint projects in Israel and in Russia. We work in close cooperation with joint inter-governmental committee on trade and economic cooperation which assists in facilitating the timetable of project execution by providing the necessary government support. Legal assistance allows to act in accordance with the legislation of both countries. Israel views Russia as strategic partner and puts specific emphasis in enhancement of trade relations between our countries. That is the reason why I am optimistic regarding the future activities of the business council.

Temur Ben Yehuda (Khikhinashvili)

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